Woody Paddle Grill Scraper

Wood Grill Scraper - Perfect BBQ Accessory for Cleaning Any Grill, Choose from 4 Styles and 3 Sizes

Wooden scrapers may seem outdated, but they’re still a popular tool to have next to your grill. The Woody Paddle Scraper from The Great Scrape is a hardwood scraper with a long handle to protect your fingers while cleaning.

This is the longest scraper in the Great Scrape collection, measuring 20 inches long. Other lengths and widths are also available.

The handle is a perfect length, giving you enough room to place both hands for a better grip.

I can’t say enough about the material, which is a blend of solid red oak and beech wood, coated with an all-natural mineral oil. The oil is 100% toxin free and safe to use around food. This scraper is truly a natural and safe alternative for keeping your grill clean.

Don’t let its straightforward design fool you. As you use it, the scraper will quickly adapt to your grill. The tip is very fine, which speeds up the formation of grooves once you start using it.

The disadvantage of wooden scrapers is that at some point, you have nothing left. Fortunately, the manufacturer has already thought of that.

Higher up on the paddle, you’ll notice that it gets a little thicker. This is to slow down the formation of the grooves once you get to that point.

To create the grooves, Great Scrape suggests heating the grill to get it really hot. Then, start working in strips, from front to back. Apply firm pressure at a slow pace.

Repeat this motion several times. Remember to line up the grooves each time. Otherwise, you will end up with multiple grooves, which will not work.