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· Trout baked in foil is a simple and classic summer recipe. It’s super easy, can be cooked indoors or outdoors, and results in moist flavorful fish with a nice bright lemon flavor. Closed foil boats keep the moisture inside and also avoid any fishy cooking smells.

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· BBQ Fish. Most minds leap to sausages and burgers when it comes to cooking on a BBQ or a grill. If something fishy is thought of it is typically BBQ Prawns! But that smokey flavour and high heat is great for cooking whole fish. This whole trout recipe features a stuffing of anise-flavoured tarragon and some lemon.

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Season the trout with salt, pepper, lemon or olive oil to suit your taste. Place the fillet on the grill flesh-side down if it still has its skin. Grill the trout for about 2 minutes. Turn the fillet over with a spatula, and grill it for another two minutes. Continue flipping every two minutes until the fish becomes opaque and flakes easily.

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Trout are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals your body needs to function optimally. If you want a healthier diet, here are BBQ fish recipes for trout you can incorporate into your weight loss meal plan. TRY THESE 3 TROUT BBQ FISH RECIPES 1. GRILLED TROUT WITH JALAPENO STUFFING. Trout pairs excellently with a variety of …

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1 Rainbow Trout (Mine was about a pound) 6 thin lemon slices. 1 sprig of rosemary. Olive oil. Hickory chunks. Directions: Prep the grill for direct medium heat. Prep the fish. The first order of business is to get rid of the fins. With a pair of scissors cut off all of the fins, but leave the tail and of course, the head.

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· Trout is one of the most flavorful varieties of fish you can put on your dinner table. They are easy to clean and offer many delicious ways of preparation. Being one of the more healthy types of meat, many people try to consume fish at least 1-2 times per week. Last but certainly not least, trout are fun to fish for.

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· Lemon Pepper Trout . Lemon Pepper Trout went fishing and came home with some nice trout. My first thought was to fire up the grill. Stuff them with lemon and dill then give them a “Kiss of Smoke” because they are a real treat. Grilled trout is so tender the meat just flakes apart and the bones just lift out in one piece.

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