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· The key to making authentic baby back ribs on a gas grill is to transform your unit into a smoker. While the wood chips are an essential part of the process, the temperature itself is just as important. You’ll need to maintain a low and slow heat in order to get the results you crave. To turn your gas grill into a smoker, turn on a single burner.

How to Barbecue Ribs on Gas Grill?

· A lot of grills have a built-in smoke box. But if you don’t have it, we have got you covered. And you can check our article on how to smoke on a gas grill. Grilling. Now we shall go to the actual process of grilling of the rib rack: First, you will need to preheat the gas grill to 200°F. Only turn on one side of the burners.

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· Grilled Ribs should take 3-4 hours at temps below 225F-250F. Patience! When the dry rub SWEATS and gets wet as the fat renders out of the ribs, sprinkle a bit more rub only on the wet spots. The dry rub will get hard and crispy toward the end. MOP the meat side of the ribs with BBQ sauce and grill 10-15 more minutes to let the sauce infuse the …

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· Step Two: While the grill is heating up you will prep your ribs (we cooked three racks of baby backs for this cook) by trimming off any excess fat and pulling the papery membrane from the bone side of the ribs.Apply a small amount of yellow mustard to the ribs and rub with your favorite rib rub. We used three different rubs for this cook; Code 3 Spices 5-0 …

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· Ribs are a staple in most barbecue picnics, but they can be a bit intimidating if you’re new to grilling. If you are a beginner, I have listed the steps how to cook barbecue ribs below. Keep scrolling for some great recipes for side dishes that you can pair with your barbecue ribs! Steps for Cooking Barbecue Ribs on a Gas Grill

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· Do them low and slow like the smokers do but on your gas grill. The trick is the grill setup. With ribs, there is are just a few things to learn, and you can do this over and over. First, you must set up your grill. How to Set Up Your Gas …

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· Cooking prime rib isn’t hard when you can slow roast it on a gas grill. Since the beef roast is the star of your meal, start with the best roast you can find. Step 1. Mix the salt, pepper, onion, garlic, parsley, and pepper flakes. Step 2. Remove the butcher’s twine and lightly coat the roast and ribs with oil. Step 3.

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· Remove the ribs from the grill, saving the juice. Increase the temp to high. Brush the ribs with BBQ sauce or reserved juice on all sides and return to the hot grill. Cook for 5-10 minutes, flip and cook for an extra 5-10 minutes to brown each side. Remove from the grill and allow to rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

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· Grilling Ribs on a Gas Grill. Gas grills are more suitable for hot and fast cooking — they aren’t ideal for low and slow cooking, but you can surely make it work. What you need to do is create a two-zone fire by igniting only half the burners.

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