Grilling Tools Spatula, Tongs, Grill brush

Cuisinart CGS-7014, Bamboo Tool Set, 13-Piece

Food should be turned and transferred. The grates need to be cleaned of burnt protein and bits of sauce. For these tasks, you will need grill tools. Of course, you can use a large fork to flip the food, but only if you like to risk burning your fingers.

If you didn’t receive a set of grill tools with your new grill, some manufacturers offer discounts. Kits can be very basic or extend to things like corn holders and bottle openers.

There are spatulas, tongs and grill brushes specifically designed for use on grills. These tools need to be sturdier than regular kitchen utensils and offer some protection from the heat of the grill.

Grill brushes are an easy way to remove baked-on grime from the grill grate. But care must be taken with these tools.

There are a number of quality grill sets available, including the Cuisinart CGS-7014 13-Piece Bamboo Tool Set, a 14-piece stainless steel set conveniently stored in an aluminum case.

Owners speak enthusiastically of the overall quality and functionality. The pieces include a spatula with a bottle opener, corn holders, a fork, tongs and a silicone basting brush.

Grilling tools are one of the foundations of grilling. More than a necessity, grilling accessories; the more grilling you do, the more skewers and injectors you need. Start with the basics, then add to them as needed.