Grillinator Dual Direction Bristle Brush and Scraper

Grillinator 18

It’s a high-quality product, made from durable materials and built to last. It even has a replaceable head to reduce costs when the bristles wear out and need to be replaced.

It’s a stainless steel brush with a lifetime warranty and a contoured handle for ease of use.

The main selling point of this brush is its patented bi-directional bristle head, which has two sets of bristles arranged perpendicularly, so that when you run the brush over the grid, it cleans in two directions at the same time, which can cut the work required in half.

For those worried about the bristles getting loose and sticking to the grates, they are very secure and rarely come loose (but of course, always inspect your grates before cooking!).

The handle is 18 inches long, which keeps your hands away from the hot grates, and it has a built-in bottle opener on the end, which is a good idea.

Finally, the end of the head is a scraper that is great for removing hard cooking residue.