Grill Heat Aid Stainless Steel Bbq Smoker Accessories

Stainless Steel BBQ Smoker Accessories - (Premium 12 Pc Set) - Sturdy, Well Weighted Precision Barbecue Grill Tool Set w/XL Burn & Rust Proof Design Construction - Looks Sharp, Makes The Best Gift

If you’re tired of losing your barbecue tools, this is the first set we’ve reviewed that comes in an attractive and sturdy aluminum case for storage.

We especially liked this set as a gift for the head of the family as the holiday season approaches. This is a large set that includes the following:

3 x large thicker skewers
3 x medium thinner skewers
1 x long-handled spatula with 2 sharp edges.
1 x XL tongs.
1 x tactical chef’s knife.
1 x Silicone basting brush.
1 x meat fork.
1 x grill cleaner/scraper with brass wire bristles.

At just over a pound and a half and an easily transportable case, this is the perfect set of tools for camping or outdoor grilling.

The case itself isn’t exactly high quality, but the price reflects that. However, the tools are well constructed of solid stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty.

Any chef you give this set of barbecue tools to will be impressed at first. Unfortunately, the poor construction of the case lets it down a bit, but the tools themselves are excellent.