Grill Heat Aid Revolutionary 932 °F Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant 1,472℉ Extreme. Kitchen Dexterity Handle Oven Cooking Hot Food on Cast Iron, Baking, Barbecue, Smoker. Multi-Purpose Fireproof Indoor Outdoor Use Men & Women. GRILL HEAT AID

I can’t bear the thought of perfecting my craft on a hot grill without being able to maneuver with grace. Okay, my grilling technique may not be that tricky, but I need to be able to move quickly and press the thermometer buttons as easily as I move the skewers.

This pair of barbecue gloves fits me better than any other. They’re thicker than my golf gloves, for sure. However, they still feel like regular gloves.

You can move your fingers well, grasp the smallest of objects, and retain the dexterity you have when you’re bare-handed.

Made of soft cotton, the lining of the glove is comfortable against your skin. The more you use them, the more they seem to fit.

These gloves are knitted from a combination of Kevlar and Nomex. The feel is similar to fabric, but the heat resistance is superior.

The silicone strips that run through the gloves provide a non-slip surface when picking up food from the grill. They have the added benefit of helping you grip items such as hard-to-open jar lids.

These gloves are great for removing cast iron pans or pots from hot ovens or grills. They can withstand the heat of hot metal for quite some time. They are also great for moving items on the grill without having to handle tongs.

I also use them to move coals and handle logs in my fireplace. They are flame resistant but not fireproof, but they are very good for their intended purpose.

The downside is that with a firm grip on a 650 degree cooking stone, you will feel the heat in less than 20 seconds.

And because they are made of fabric, if these gloves get wet from handling food, they will not retain their heat resistance as the hot liquid seeps through and gets close to your skin.

So I don’t recommend them for directly touching hot meat. You must be careful when handling liquids.