Cook Time Safe Grill Brush – Bristle Free

Cook Time Safe Grill Brush - Bristle Free BBQ Grill Cleaner/Scraper - 18'' Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning Scrubber,Great BBQ Accessories for Clean All Grill Grates

Sometimes bristles just aren’t enough, especially if you’re a regular griller. That’s why many enthusiasts opt for a brush and scraper combo. These usually do the job as intended, but it’s still important to find one with the right material.

That’s why I chose to include this brush and scraper combo from Grillart. This combo cleaning tool is bristle-free and durable. It is made of hardened stainless steel.

When you look at the brush and scraper, you will notice that they are wide and thick. This allows you to remove greasy dirt even faster. But they’re still flexible enough to get between the grates.

Plus, this cleaning duo is compatible with different types of grills and smokers. It won’t cause any damage if you use it properly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The next feature to mention is the long handle. It measures 18 inches long and is made of durable plastic that will not melt. It will keep your hands at a safe distance from the hot grill while cleaning.

Grillart recommends that you start by preheating your grill. Then, when it’s hot, use the scraper to remove the first layer. Then, dip the side of the brush in water, and proceed to clean the grates.