Basting Brush

Heavy-duty BBQ Basting Brush by HQY - Silicone Bristles with 12 Inch Stainless Steel Handle - Make Grilling Easy - 5 Year Guarantee

On the grill or in the smoker, the longer a product cooks, the drier it becomes. There are two essential tools to prevent drying out, the basting brush and the sauce mop.

Brushes look like thin paint brushes, but with longer handles. Silicone has become the material of choice for the brush tip, eliminating the problem of stray fibers typical of fibrous brushes. It is easy to clean and decontaminate and is very heat tolerant.

A good brush allows you to add moisture after the meat has formed its crust. Owners of the HQY BBQ Basting Brush love its stainless steel frame and silicone bristles. If the bristles fall out due to heavy use, the manufacturer can replace them.